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"The art of repairing since 2011"


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The Electronic Eye company ensuring clean and safe supply of power, ease of use and sophisticated overall solutions. As a leading innovator, Electronic Eye manufactures and distributes components for circuit protection, as well as connectors, switches and EMC products. In close cooperation with the customers, input systems are developed and manufactured.

Electronic Eye also offers services for the electronics industry in the field of printed circuit board assembly. The business unit Solutions coordinates complete solutions from project planning to the manufacture of end products.


We impress our customers with agility and excellent product and service quality. We focus on industrial equipment, medical equipment, automotive, avionics and space, data and communication and energy. Our growth in these dynamic segments is above average.

With enormous commitment we are close to our customers around the world, directly and through our partner network. Thanks to great expertise, financial independence, innovative strength and a distinctive corporate culture, we are leading the Electronic Eye sustainably into the digital future, together with our customers and partners.

  • Professional service

    Many industry groups have been used for academic research, while looking at professional services firms, making a clear definition hard to attain. Some work has been directed at better defining professional service firms (PSF).

  • Affordable price

    The most common distribution network and generation is done with 3 phase structures, with special attention paid to the phase balancing and resulting reduction of ground current. It is true for industrial or commercial networks where most power is used in 3 phase machines, but light commercial and residential users do not have real-time phase balancing capabilities.

  • Great support

    In order for current to flow within a closed electrical circuit, it is not necessary for one charged particle to travel from the component producing the current (the current source) to those consuming it (the loads). Instead, the charged particle simply needs to nudge its neighbor a finite amount, who will nudge its neighbor, and on and on until a particle is nudged into the consumer, thus powering it.

  • Service Warranty

    A warranty may be express or implied. An express warranty is expressly stated (typically, written); whether or not a term will be implied into a contract depends on the particular contract law of the country in question.